How is nitrogen generated in a vapor phase cryogenic tank?

2024-06-17 09:58:36

The way you store your samples determines your choice of container!

For liquid storage of samples, choose a cryogenic container of 1-175 liters using liquid nitrogen as the freezing medium;

To preserve samples in the gas phase, you need to choose a 350-1800 liter vapor phase cryogenic tank and use nitrogen as the “refrigeration gas” for the samples!

In the former, liquid nitrogen is obtained from the gas company to ensure the supply in the container;

The latter is obviously different. It uses nitrogen, but its nitrogen is not the common kind on the market!

So how is the nitrogen in the vapor phase cryogenic tank produced?

In fact, it is produced by liquid nitrogen in the container!

The vapor phase cryogenic tank and the conventional yds liquid nitrogen tank have the same vacuum insulation structure. They are both equipped with double inner and outer liner + double liner filled with insulation adsorption material. They are also liquid nitrogen biological containers, serving for sample freezing, and they are also equipment that needs to be filled with liquid nitrogen before they can operate normally. The only difference is the internal structure. Yes, the inner liner of the vapor phase cryogenic tank is designed with a partition!

The inner tank is divided into two parts, the upper part is the sample storage area, and the lower part is the liquid nitrogen filling area, which is a prominent feature of the vapor phase cryogenic tank. Its nitrogen is supplied by the liquid nitrogen at the bottom. In addition to the natural volatilization of liquid nitrogen in the container, this area is also equipped with an evaporator. It is connected to the intelligent control system, receives the low or high temperature signal sent by the system, and automatically starts evaporation at high temperature to supply nitrogen to ensure the internal environment temperature. Once the appropriate temperature set by the user is detected, evaporation will stop and no longer supply.

This is the generation of nitrogen in the vapor phase cryogenic tank!

How is nitrogen generated in a vapor phase cryogenic tank