How is the self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank pressurized ?

2022-03-15 14:41:56

The self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank is made of stainless steel. The surface of the entire container is polished. The main component of the liquid nitrogen vaporization booster pipeline uses the heat of the container shell, a small amount of liquid nitrogen vaporizes to generate pressure, and the process of liquid nitrogen output is explained in detail below. the whole process.

The process of pressurization:

1: When filling the container with liquid nitrogen, first open the vent valve, close the booster valve, then connect the metal hose to the inlet/outlet valve, open the inlet/outlet valve, and then the container can be filled with liquid. After filling, close the inlet/outlet valve. The entire liquid nitrogen filling volume can be controlled at about 90%.

2: Liquid level indication: Containers above 100 liters are equipped with a full-view buoyancy level gauge as standard. Observe the yellow indicator ring on the display, which can directly indicate the level change of the liquid level in the container. When the capacitive digital level gauge is selected, the digital signal measurement technology used can quickly and accurately detect the height of the container page.

Draining operation method:

1: Close the vent valve

2: slightly open the booster valve

3: Observe the pressure gauge

4: When the pressure gauge rises to 0.05MPA or meets the required pressure, open the liquid inlet and outlet valve to continuously discharge the liquid. Based on years of practical experience, it is concluded that when the pressure gauge value is 0.05MPA, the drainage is more economical and environmentally friendly. When the pressure value of the inner tank is greater than 0.05MPA, the liquid nitrogen discharge will gradually increase.

When using a self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank, the heat difference between the inside and outside of the container is relatively large, and the heat balance time is relatively long when filling liquid nitrogen. You can use liquid nitrogen to pre-cool the container, and then gradually fill it slowly. Ice jam occurs.