How liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezers store stem cells

2023-09-08 09:30:43

Most of the storage needs for stem cells are sample freezers, which are used to store stem cells in large quantities. YDS conventional series have limited capacity and cannot achieve this. Liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezers with a capacity of more than 350 are tailor-made storage containers for stem cells, which can realize batch storage of stem cells. Storage and intelligent management.

However, due to the large difference in capacity, the YDS series pure liquid storage method is not suitable for liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezers. In order to facilitate storage and sampling, the liquid nitrogen freezer has its own set of sample storage methods. What is that method?

How liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezers store stem cells:

Vapor phase storage, but also supports liquid phase!

The liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer supports gas and liquid phase dual modes, because it has layers inside, the upper sample storage area, the lower liquid nitrogen storage area, and the lower liquid nitrogen area is equipped with an evaporator, which provides enough when the sample needs Nitrogen to achieve low temperature protection. This is also the main method of stem cell storage in liquid nitrogen freezers.

Alternatively, stem cells can be placed directly into the liquid nitrogen storage area of the freezer, but there is a problem here, that is, the liquid nitrogen storage space is limited and cannot accommodate many stem cells. Of course, liquid nitrogen can also be injected into the stem cells from the mouth of the liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer, but this requires a large amount of liquid nitrogen, which evaporates quickly, is not very practical, is troublesome and wastes money.

The above is the way to store stem cells in a liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer. The gas phase is mainly used and is more practical!

How liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezers store stem cells