How long does it take to add liquid nitrogen to freeze sperm in a liquid nitrogen container?

2023-04-19 09:33:12

Liquid nitrogen container, mainstream usage: store liquid nitrogen, freeze sperm, freeze cells!

Among them, frozen sperm is mostly used in animal husbandry, which can be divided into real-time semen collection freezing and long-term freezing of large amounts of semen!

Different liquid nitrogen containers are used for different purposes!

Like semen collection, freeze immediately after collection and choose a 10-liter 50 liquid nitrogen container, a portable model with a handle;

There are usually a lot of long-term storage at home. This kind of 30-liter 125 caliber has a large capacity and a large caliber.

What KGSQ liquid nitrogen tank is going to discuss with you today is the long-term freezing of a large amount of semen!

That is, how long does it take to add liquid nitrogen to freeze sperm in the YDS-30-125 liquid nitrogen container?

Liquid nitrogen volatilizes naturally, and the liquid nitrogen container has a static storage time. It is impossible to fill it with liquid nitrogen once and for all!

How often do you add it? Refer to the static storage time of the liquid nitrogen container:

YDS-30-125, static storage for 85 days!

That is to say, when it is not opened, used or moved after being filled with liquid nitrogen, add liquid nitrogen once every 85 days or so.

If your liquid nitrogen container is indeed stored in frozen sperm and never opened, then charge it once every 85 days or so;

The opening frequency is low, and the opening time is very short, which will be close to this figure;

However, if the opening frequency is high and the opening time is not short, the loss of liquid nitrogen will increase a lot.

Therefore, manufacturers of liquid nitrogen tanks usually recommend checking the liquid nitrogen balance regularly. When it is found that the liquid nitrogen cannot cover the sperm, it is necessary to add liquid nitrogen! If the sperm is placed at the bottom of the jar, add liquid nitrogen when the remaining liquid nitrogen is only 1/3 of the total capacity!

In addition, the frequency of use is different for each user. If you want to be more accurate, you can use it once from the beginning to the end according to your own opening rhythm, record the data, and then you can get your own exclusive time for adding liquid nitrogen!

How long does it take to add liquid nitrogen to freeze sperm in a liquid nitrogen container