How low is the liquid level of a small liquid nitrogen container before it needs to be filled?

2024-05-22 09:34:34

The use of liquid nitrogen containers corresponds to different scenarios, and there are differences in scale between the same scenarios, such as laboratories and farms.

The scale determines the size of the demand. If a large number of samples need to be stored, of course, a liquid nitrogen tank with a larger capacity must be used;

On the contrary, the number of samples is limited, about a few hundred, so it is more appropriate to use a small liquid nitrogen container!

They also have differences in rehydration. Large-capacity + large-caliber rehydration is likely to be higher than small-capacity + small-caliber rehydration because of different uses!

How low does the liquid level of a small liquid nitrogen container need to be filled?

The general standard is based on the usage of the liquid nitrogen container, not the size of the tank!

In particular, a variety of small liquid nitrogen containers can be used to store only liquid nitrogen and biological samples!

Only when storing liquid nitrogen for use:

According to the standard of 1/3 of the total capacity!

That is, when it is found through a solid wooden stick or liquid level gauge that the liquid nitrogen remaining in the container is only 1/3 of the total volume of the tank, replenish the liquid!

Although it can be completely used up and then replenished, it is not recommended because after the liquid nitrogen is used up, the inside of the small liquid nitrogen container will gradually return to normal temperature. If liquid nitrogen is injected again at this time, the meaningless evaporation loss will increase.

While the sample is being saved;

The height of the sample must be used as a reference to ensure that the liquid nitrogen level is not lower than the high point of the sample!

Especially for embryonic cell storage in the laboratory, small liquid nitrogen containers are used in conjunction with the shelves. The height of the shelves is high, so the liquid level needs to be checked frequently and replenished immediately when the liquid nitrogen cannot cover the cell samples, otherwise there is a risk that the cells will lose their activity. If necessary, it can be equipped with an intelligent liquid level alarm, sound and light + email and SMS reminder to avoid missing important liquid level information.

The same is true for sperm storage. Using the height of frozen semen as a reference, liquid nitrogen will be replenished immediately as long as the sperm tube cannot be soaked in liquid nitrogen.

These are the instructions on how low the liquid level of a small liquid nitrogen container should be filled. It applies to all YDS series liquid nitrogen tanks!

How low is the liquid level of a small liquid nitrogen container before it needs to be filled