How many frozen sperm can a 10 litre liquid nitrogen tank hold?

2023-01-11 10:13:54

The mainstream use of liquid nitrogen tanks, first in laboratories and second in livestock farming.

Livestock breeding is basically used in animal sperm preservation, storage of good semen for breeding, therefore, sperm liquid nitrogen tank selection more emphasis on vacuum quality, because breeding using frozen sperm activity is a must, in addition to this is to consider the amount of semen loaded.

Match the quantity to the type of liquid nitrogen tank so as not to waste it and to preserve the frozen semen well!

Today, tianchi talks about the amount of frozen sperm that can be stored in a common 10 litre liquid nitrogen tank!

The 10 litre sperm liquid nitrogen tank, in fact a 10 litre 50mm calibre liquid nitrogen container with a capacity of >10 litres and a small 50mm calibre, is an economical and suitable model with low evaporation losses of liquid nitrogen and a good amount of frozen sperm stored.

It can be used with 6 buckets, both leaky and non-leaky, but they are the same size and all have a single layer, so there is not much difference in the number of frozen sperm tubes stored. The total number of frozen tubes is 792 for 0.5ml and 1,788 for 0.25ml, which is a moderate capacity and low evaporation sperm tank model.

Similarly, the 6-litre and 3-litre sperm nitrogen tanks can store the same number of frozen sperm tubes, but the 10-litre has the advantage in terms of shelf life, with a static shelf life of 105 days. 6-litre is mostly used for sperm collection, with a static shelf life of around 65 days.

How many frozen sperm can a 10 litre liquid nitrogen tank hold