How many kilograms does a 90-grid ice cube machine weigh?

2024-01-19 09:23:13

Different types of ice machines have different ice molds, and the ice making process and molding methods are also different;

Like a cube ice machine, the ice is cube-shaped; a snowflake ice machine, the ice is finely crushed. Comparing them, it is obvious that the ice molds are different and the ice making methods are also different. The former uses a mold like an ice tray, which requires water to flow into the ice tray, then freeze and then de-ice. The latter is unformed and does not require a fixed-shape mold. Therefore, the purchase reference is also different. Ice cube machines need to look at the ice tray, which determines the amount of ice produced. Snowflake ice machines can skip the ice mold.

Speaking of which, it is commonly used in commercial places and mostly served with cold drinks. It is basically the standard ice cube machine in beverage stores. The amount of ice produced is determined by the ice tray. How many kilograms does the ice cube machine with 90 ice trays weigh?

90kg, that is, 90 kilograms!

90 ice cubes, that is, the number of ice cubes produced at one time. 90 cubes are 90 cubic ice cubes. The corresponding 24-hour ice production is exactly 90 kilograms. According to a cold drink shop, 3-4 or 4-5 ice cubes are served for a drink. , it can serve 20-30 cups of drinks once the ice is made, and it is a cube ice machine model that some beverage stores with relatively large customer flow will choose.

There are larger ones with 120 ice cubes and 150 ice cubes, and smaller ones with 80, 70, 60, 50, etc., especially the small ones of 30 and 40. The number of ice trays corresponds to the ice production capacity. According to this rule, everyone should now know the relationship between ice trays and kilograms. With the number of ice trays, you can quickly know the kilograms of ice production!

How many kilograms does a 90-grid ice cube machine weigh