How many liters is the liquid nitrogen tank YDS-175-216?

2023-10-16 09:20:22

When users purchase liquid nitrogen tanks, they should look at the capacity and sample storage capacity, which are directly proportional to each other.

The capacity is how many liters it can store, and it refers to the amount of liquid nitrogen it can store; the sample storage capacity is the number of samples it can hold.

But judging from the names of various brands of liquid nitrogen tanks, such as YDS-175-216, this information seems not intuitive enough! If you are a user who knows and frequently uses liquid nitrogen tanks, you can easily determine how many liters this tank is. It is difficult for novices to get information from it, or those who are interested in this type of product.

Today, KGSQ liquid nitrogen tank takes how many liters YDS-175-216 is as an example to share with you how to judge the capacity based on the name?

How is it judged? How many liters is the YDS-175-216 liquid nitrogen tank?

In fact, it is 175 liters!

This involves a small knowledge point – the official standard naming method of liquid nitrogen tanks! In China, liquid nitrogen tanks must be manufactured in strict compliance with the “Liquid Nitrogen Biological Container GB/T 5458-2012” standard, and can only be put on the market after meeting this standard. The standard stipulates that the name of the liquid nitrogen tank should be “Chinese abbreviation of liquid nitrogen biological container YDS-capacity-diameter”. When the diameter is 50mm, it can be omitted. For example, if the diameter is 47 liters and 127mm, it will be written as YDS-47. -127.

According to the official naming, the capacity of YDS-175-216, a commonly used biological tank in laboratories, is 175 liters, and its diameter is 216mm.

Do you understand?

Of course, different countries have different manufacturing standards for liquid nitrogen containers, and the naming methods are also slightly different. If they are made in China, then the naming standards will be like this! Consulting brands outside China can quickly learn about it!

How many liters is the liquid nitrogen tank YDS-175-216