How many liters of liquid nitrogen tank containers are commonly used to preserve sperm?

2023-07-26 11:33:04

It is inevitable to use liquid nitrogen tank containers for animal husbandry improvement breeding, because the breeding may be one in the south and one in the north, and it is difficult to survive without cryopreservation with the characteristics of bovine essence and pig essence, let alone ensure the quality of insemination. The liquid nitrogen tank is an essential container to ensure its vitality.

With the development and growth of animal husbandry, liquid nitrogen tank container models are becoming more and more abundant, how to choose which new user can not be avoided!

What about liquid nitrogen tank containers of several liters commonly used for livestock preservation of frozen essence?

Let’s see how to use it!

If you only go out to collect semen, the amount is generally not particularly large, and will go deep into the mountains, the use of portable small-caliber liquid nitrogen tank containers, that is, 6 liters 10 liters, smaller 3 liters in this dynamic situation liquid nitrogen use will be faster, generally not recommended.

Non-portable also has a small vehicle-mounted tank, 16-liter dwarf pier, which has better stability and long holding time.

If it is a long-term storage of frozen essence at home, choose 30 or 35 liters of 125mm caliber liquid nitrogen tank container, about 3 months (100 days) of static storage time, for long-term storage at home is very suitable, do not need frequent replenishment of liquid nitrogen, the number of frozen essence stored between 5000~20000, can meet most of the frozen essence customer needs.

On the whole, 6-liter 50-liter, 10-liter 50-liter, 16-liter 50mm caliber liquid nitrogen tank containers can be used for out-of-house sperm collection; Long-term storage of 30, 35 liters of 125mm, of course, the specific selection depends on the number of frozen seminational tubes!

How many liters of liquid nitrogen tank containers are commonly used to preserve sperm