How many liters of liquid nitrogen tank for artificial insemination is suitable?

2024-03-11 10:52:16

Due to different uses, liquid nitrogen tanks are divided into multiple series!

Small capacity and small diameter are suitable for liquid nitrogen beauty treatments, cryogenic experiments, and food production;

Large capacity and large diameter are used to preserve common biological samples in laboratories such as cells and embryos;

There is also a liquid nitrogen tank for artificial insemination. It has both small and large diameters. How many liters should you choose when using it?

How many liters to choose depends on how the user wants to use it, whether it is to collect semen, store sperm, or use it in the car to breed?

1.Used for semen collection

Semen collection often takes place in mountainous areas. The range of activities is large, and it needs to be collected and released at any time. Large jars are not suitable. It is better to carry it by one person.

The liquid nitrogen tank for artificial insemination that meets this condition is only portable, but the capacity should not be too small, because the loss of liquid nitrogen will be high when moving back and forth. If the static storage time is too short, rehydration will be frequent, and it will be susceptible to rehydration difficulties due to emergencies. Limit, it is more suitable to choose 6 liters, 10 liters and 50mm caliber. One can be stored statically for 53 days and the other 87 days.

2.Used for long-term storage of frozen semen

Under normal circumstances, there is a period of transition between semen collection and breeding!

During this period, users will store the collected semen at home or work to prepare for subsequent outings. Because the number of semen straws may continue to increase, and there will be extraction and insertion operations, the capacity of the portable semen tank is limited and the diameter is small. For convenience, a 30-liter or 35-liter 125mm diameter liquid nitrogen tank for artificial insemination is usually used.

3.Used for out-breeding purposes

The environmental conditions faced when going out for breeding are similar to those faced when going out for semen collection. The capacity and diameter of the container should not be too large; it must be able to be moved by one person. In addition, the tank must be stable for vehicle use and the impact of bumps on the neck must be considered. tube loss.

Based on various conditions, the 16-liter liquid nitrogen tank for artificial insemination is the most suitable. The tank body is narrow and the bottom is wide and has good stability. The enlarged bottom can disperse the vibration caused by road bumps and reduce the impact on the neck tube. The 50mm diameter liquid nitrogen loss Not too high. The low tank body + double handles make it easy to transport and move, and the 16-liter tank is not too heavy, making it suitable for traveling in a car for breeding.

Summary: The appropriate number of liters of liquid nitrogen tank for artificial insemination depends on the occasion you want to use it!

How many liters of liquid nitrogen tank is suitable for artificial insemination