How many stem cells can be stored in a 50L liquid nitrogen tank?

2024-02-19 09:12:24

The containers used to hold items all have a fixed match between the number of samples and the capacity of the container, and the same is true for liquid nitrogen tanks.

You can determine the capacity based on the number of samples and then correspond to the model; you can also first know the number of samples that a certain capacity of the container can hold, and then correspond to your own number of samples to see if it is suitable. For example, a 10-liter liquid nitrogen tank can store dozens of cells.

Of course, this is just an example. Cell storage usually does not use such a small liquid nitrogen container. Most liquid nitrogen containers are within 30-175 liters. Most of them have large diameters above 125mm, such as 50l, which is the most commonly used one.

How many servings of stem cells can be stored in a 50L liquid nitrogen tank?

The 50l liquid nitrogen tank that can be used for stem cell storage has a diameter of 125mm and the model is YDS-50-125;

There are also 50mm and 80mm calibers available, but considering the convenience of scientific research users, 125mm is better for the same volume. They have the same capacity, so the number of stem cells they can hold is about 900. They will be equipped with 6 square buckets for fixing and classifying 2ml stem cell cryovials.

If your stem cells are stored in 5ml cryovials, you need to contact the manufacturer to see what the specific capacity is and how to distribute the square buckets (racks).

The above is an explanation of how many servings of stem cells a 50l liquid nitrogen tank can store! It also supports the long-term static storage of other biological samples, such as embryos, tissues, other cells and other samples that require low-temperature storage. The same goes for the number of saves!

Por supuesto, esto es sólo un ejemplo. El almacenamiento celular generalmente no utiliza un contenedor de nitrógeno líquido tan pequeño. La mayoría de los contenedores de nitrógeno líquido tienen entre 30 y 175 litros. La mayoría de ellos tienen diámetros grandes superiores a 125 mm, como 50 litros, que es el más grande. uno de uso común.

How many stem cells can be stored in a 50L liquid nitrogen tank