How many types of liquid nitrogen cell storage tanks are there?

2023-09-13 09:09:28

Liquid nitrogen sperm storage tanks are used for sperm collection and cryopreservation, with multiple capacities and calibers available;

Of course, liquid nitrogen cell storage tanks are used for cryopreservation of cells, but they not only have multiple capacities and calibers, but also several types!

What types of liquid nitrogen cell storage tanks are there?

They are YDS laboratory series, Cryobank small vapor-liquid phase tank and YDD series liquid nitrogen freezer!

We explain in detail below!

YDS laboratory series:

The YDS laboratory series is the basic liquid nitrogen cell storage tank, and it is also the more widely used one!

Capacity range 30-175 liters, diameter 125mm, 127mm, 210mm, 216mm, material aviation aluminum alloy, structure double vacuum + thermal insulation, open design, equipped with 6 square buckets (freezing racks), neck plugs, locking lids 1 each, optional five-wheel cart and liquid level alarm. It is a white sample freezing tank commonly used in laboratories and reproductive centers.

Cryobank series

The Cryobank series is a small vapor-liquid phase tank, which is a liquid nitrogen cell tank that can be stored in two modes: vapor phase and liquid phase!

Its capacity is 65 liters, 95 liters, 145 and 175 liters. It is made of aviation aluminum and has a large diameter of 216mm. It can store about 2400, 3600, 4800 and 6000 2ml cryopreservation tubes respectively. It is equipped with a liquid level monitoring and management device. It controls automatic fluid replenishment, displays temperature and alarms. It is an intelligent version of the YDS laboratory series and a reduced version of the YDD series liquid nitrogen cell storage tank.

YDD series liquid nitrogen freezer

YDD series liquid nitrogen freezer, a large liquid nitrogen cell storage tank based on vapor phase mode!

The capacity range is 350-1800, the diameter is 326mm, 445mm, 465mm, 635mm, and the material is 304 stainless steel. Taking into account the load-bearing and thermal insulation performance, it is a storage style in which liquid nitrogen and samples are separated. The liquid nitrogen area at the bottom is equipped with an evaporator to provide samples on the upper part of the tray. Low-temperature nitrogen also has intelligent monitoring equipment, which can replenish liquid, alarm, and display temperature.

There are rotating bearings in the inner tank to assist users in taking cells or other biological samples, and there is a hot gas bypass to reduce evaporation loss.

The above are the three types of liquid nitrogen cell storage tanks. The YDS and Cryobank series are available for cells within a thousand cells. The YDD series is suitable for storing cell samples within 100,000 cells. Just choose according to your own needs and sample suitability.

How many types of liquid nitrogen cell storage tanks are there