How much bovine sperm can be contained in a 10 liter sperm nitrogen tank

2023-03-06 09:08:14

Bovine essence, strong activity, easy to divide and proliferate, only low temperature can slow down this process;

Liquid nitrogen as low as -196°C not only suspends their biological activities, but also maintains their activity.

Therefore, sperm nitrogen tanks are widely used in the animal husbandry industry.

With the help of sperm nitrogen tanks, users can collect semen, store bovine semen for a long time, and even carry frozen semen to breed animals.

Of course, different models and types of nitrogen tanks are suitable for different scenarios, such as semen collection, a 10-liter liquid nitrogen container is very suitable;For storing frozen semen, 30 liters is suitable; for long-distance transfers or going to mountainous areas, a transport-type nitrogen tank is more appropriate.

More specifically, it must be determined in conjunction with the number of sperm~

Let’s take the more commonly used 10-liter sperm nitrogen tank as an example to see how much sperm it can hold?

This 10-liter sperm container is divided into two layers of inner and outer tanks, and the inner tank needs to be used with a bucket to store beef essence;

Its pail is standard single-layer, and the bottom is leaky or non-leaky, and everyone can choose according to their needs.

A sperm nitrogen tank is equipped with 3 pails. If it is a 0.5ml frozen fine tube, it can store 792 sperm, and a 0.2ml frozen fine tube can store 1788.

To sum up, choose less than 10 liters of beef essence, choose more than 10 liters of beef essence, and choose according to the amount of frozen semen.

How much bovine sperm can be contained in a 10 liter sperm nitrogen tank