How much does a 30 litre liquid nitrogen transport tank weigh?

2023-02-03 09:20:06

There are two types of liquid nitrogen containers, storage and transport, here simply called storage tanks and liquid nitrogen transport tanks!

The structure and parameters of the corresponding liquid nitrogen tanks differ according to the purpose of storage and transport use.

Compared to storage tanks, liquid nitrogen transport tanks have additional anti-vibration support inside, which supports the liner without shaking, allowing the container to be transferred for long periods of time with liquid nitrogen and biological samples, without fear of bumps on the road and without being easily damaged.

This also brings up a new issue, the transfer often involves the weight of the container, the weight of the tank determines which means of transport is more economical and convenient, let’s take the common 30 litre liquid nitrogen transport tank as an example and talk about its weight.

How much does a 30 litre liquid nitrogen transport tank weigh?

Tianchi’s own liquid nitrogen transport container weighs 14kg empty!

Different brands of liquid nitrogen tanks may vary in terms of weight and specific advice is required for specific brands.

Because of the additional shock-absorbing support structure, the tianchi 30-litre liquid nitrogen transport tank weighs a little more than the same 30-litre 50 mm storage tank.

Note, however, that this is the empty weight, i.e. it does not include the weight of the liquid nitrogen and biological samples.

The number of samples transferred and the volume of liquid nitrogen required vary from user to user, so manufacturers are unable to make an accurate judgement, so if you want the exact weight of the transport tank + sample + liquid nitrogen, you will need to record the sample and liquid nitrogen yourself, and then combine this with the empty weight of the liquid nitrogen transport tank.

How much does a 30 litre liquid nitrogen transport tank weigh