How much frozen semen can be stored in a 10-liter liquid nitrogen tank?

2023-12-11 10:03:00

Different models of liquid nitrogen tanks are suitable for different usage types!

Just like 30 liters are commonly used for laboratory cell cryopreservation and self-pressurizing liquid nitrogen tanks are used for large amounts of liquid nitrogen supply, there are also common models for storing frozen bovine semen – a 10 liter 50mm caliber liquid nitrogen tank, which is an entry-level container for sperm storage. The portable single-handle design can be placed at home for long-term static storage of frozen semen, or it can be used to collect semen when going out. It is suitable for many scenarios.

So how much frozen semen can be stored in this 10-liter liquid nitrogen tank?

The actual measured data from the manufacturer shows that when a 10-liter liquid nitrogen tank is equipped with 6 round buckets, it can accommodate 792 0.5ml straws, 1788 0.25ml sperm straws, and the storage range of frozen sperm is between 700 and 1800, so it is It is said to be an “entry model”. New entrants in the industry often choose this model when trying to preserve and breed cattle semen. It requires less investment for small amounts of storage, and the price is economical and the capacity is not small.

Moreover, its static storage time is also very long, the 50mm caliber storage time is 87 days. There is also a 10-liter liquid nitrogen tank with a diameter of 80mm, which can be equipped with a large bucket. The storage capacity of 0.5ml frozen semen is 2244 bottles, and the storage capacity is 5022 bottles of 0.25ml. If the amount of cow semen is too large, and you want the sample to be taken more conveniently Yes, this kind can be used. Its liquid nitrogen static storage time is 50 days, and the frequency of adding liquid nitrogen is higher than that of a 10-liter tank with a 50mm diameter.

Now you know how much frozen cow semen can be stored in a 10-liter liquid nitrogen tank!

How much frozen semen can be stored in a 10-liter liquid nitrogen tank