How much liquid nitrogen is needed to store cells in a liquid nitrogen container?

2023-06-12 09:40:44

Although liquid nitrogen containers are widely used, they can be classified into two aspects: storing only liquid nitrogen and freezing samples!

To store liquid nitrogen, select the model according to the amount of liquid nitrogen required;

For cryopreserved samples, such as storing cells in the laboratory, the number of cells and the caliber of the container should be considered when purchasing, and the supplement of liquid nitrogen should be paid more attention to when it is put into use. After all, without liquid nitrogen, all cell preservation is empty talk!

How much liquid nitrogen does the liquid nitrogen container need to store cells?

The amount of liquid nitrogen needed is to cover the top cells of the cryopreservation clip!

The storage capacity and tank height of different types of liquid nitrogen containers may be different, but the reference standard is uniform and completely covers the cells, whether it is the first time to put samples after the new liquid nitrogen tank is pre-cooled, or the cell storage tank in use needs replenishment liquid Nitrogen must be based on the highest point of the cell, and the amount of liquid nitrogen must be able to completely soak the cell!

The reason for this is that the liquid nitrogen is volatilizing all the time. When the cells are completely exposed to the liquid surface, there is a temperature difference between above and below the liquid surface. As the liquid nitrogen continues to volatilize, the temperature difference becomes larger and larger. Such fluctuations may affect the cell activity. For the sake of the safety of the preservation of the sample, the manufacturer recommends that the cells be completely submerged in liquid nitrogen.

How much liquid nitrogen is needed to store cells in a liquid nitrogen container