How often does it take to refill a 50L liquid nitrogen tank?

2024-06-03 10:03:55

It is an industry consensus that liquid nitrogen containers need to be replenished with nitrogen, and users are also very clear about this!

It doesn’t matter whether your container is pressurized, a regular YDS series liquid nitrogen tank, or a large YDD tank!

No matter how large the capacity is or how big the caliber is, nitrogen replenishment is always necessary!

The only difference is that the time of nitrogen replenishment is different when the capacity and caliber are different. Take the commonly used 50-liter liquid nitrogen tank as an example! This is a model that can store and transport samples, and can be used for both laboratories and artificial insemination!

Therefore, there are many caliber options, namely 50mm, 80mm, 125mm, and 210mm. To determine how often nitrogen should be replenished, let’s consider the caliber of the 50-liter liquid nitrogen tank!

First, the 50mm caliber can store liquid nitrogen and transport samples. Its static storage time is 217 days.

Secondly, the 80 mm diameter for storing liquid nitrogen and preserving frozen sperm was kept statically for 162 days;

125mm diameter, for laboratory sample storage, formula-shaped rack, static time is 115 days; The less commonly used 210mm caliber only has 70 days!

If your 50L liquid nitrogen tank is not opened and used after being filled with liquid nitrogen, and the ambient temperature is not high, you can add liquid nitrogen when it is close to the static time given by the manufacturer. But if you need to open the liquid nitrogen tank frequently, take samples from it, or put samples in it, you need to regularly check the liquid level of the container and add nitrogen when the liquid level is about to fall below the sample.

The reason why manufacturers do not provide relevant data is that dynamic use cannot be detected. The opening time and frequency of each user are different, and the measured data cannot be universal. Users are required to use the tank from full to refilling at their own frequency to obtain their own accurate data.

Now, everyone has a certain understanding of nitrogen replenishment in 50L liquid nitrogen tanks!

How often does it take to refill a 50L liquid nitrogen tank