How often should liquid nitrogen be added to a 30-liter artificial insemination tank?

2024-06-19 10:01:50

No matter what you store in a liquid nitrogen container, even if you only use liquid nitrogen, you need to replenish it regularly!

Without liquid nitrogen, the container has no use value; although insufficient liquid nitrogen can be used, there is a risk that the activity of the sample will be damaged due to temperature changes, especially in artificial insemination tanks used to store animal sperm. The liquid replenishment must be based on the sperm straw storage height as the liquid level lower limit. Once the liquid level approaches the straw storage position, liquid nitrogen replenishment must begin.

This standard applies to all types of artificial insemination tanks, including the portable 10-liter one for semen collection and the 30-liter one for long-term semen storage at home. The only difference is the frequency of refilling! Today we will talk about how often to refill the 30-liter artificial insemination tank with liquid nitrogen!

There is actually no universal standard for how often to refill, and the size of the 30-liter liquid nitrogen tank used must be considered!

The large-diameter 30-liter 125 artificial insemination tank can be stored statically, that is, after being filled with liquid nitrogen and frozen semen, it is not opened and not used until the liquid nitrogen is consumed, and can be stored for 90 days.

Small-caliber 30L50, static storage for 260 days; 80mm caliber, static storage in liquid nitrogen for about 150 days.

However, in actual use, since sperm is stored in the artificial insemination tank and is stored in a bucket instead of at the bottom of the container, you cannot wait for the liquid nitrogen to be consumed. You need to check the liquid level regularly every week or month to understand where the liquid level line is. When it is close to freezing the sperm, you can just add liquid nitrogen.

Moreover, when livestock breeders use artificial insemination tanks, they always have to open the lid to take out frozen straw tubes or put straw tubes into the container. Opening the lid is inevitable, and each breeder has a different frequency of taking and filling, so it is impossible to give a specific time for replenishing liquid nitrogen. They can only regularly check the liquid level height and compare the position of the straw tube to determine their own replenishment frequency.

Now, everyone knows how often to add liquid nitrogen to a 30-liter artificial insemination liquid nitrogen tank!

How often should liquid nitrogen be added to a 30-liter artificial insemination tank