How the Liquid Nitrogen Supply Tank emits liquid nitrogen

2022-07-07 09:17:37

Liquid nitrogen supply tank, a new type of liquid nitrogen container, is developed for supplying liquid to biological containers, and can also transfer liquid nitrogen for short distances.

Although its usage is similar to a transport-type liquid nitrogen tank, it does not support sample storage, only liquid nitrogen supply! How does it supply liquid nitrogen?

Liquid nitrogen supply tank The supply of liquid nitrogen can be divided into 3 steps

1.Close the vent valve;

2.Open the booster valve and observe the pressure gauge;

3.Open the inlet and outlet valves;

The function of the vent valve is to relieve pressure to prevent heat from entering the liner, and the supply of liquid nitrogen needs to be pressurized, so the vent valve must be closed.

After the vent valve is closed, the entire Liquid nitrogen supply tank is in a sealed state, and the liquid nitrogen in the booster pipe is vaporized by the heat of the outer bladder.

As soon as the booster valve is opened, the vaporized liquid nitrogen enters the liner along the valve, and at the same time replaces the liquid nitrogen in the liner and enters the booster pipe to fill the vacancy for the next round of gasification cycle.

More and more vaporized liquid nitrogen pours into the inner tank, and the nitrogen gas, which expands 800 times in volume than liquid nitrogen, drives the pressure of the inner tank to rise.

When the value of the pressure gauge of the Liquid nitrogen supply tank shows 0.02MPa, open the liquid inlet and outlet valve, and the liquid nitrogen will flow out along the discharge pipe. If you want to supply liquid quickly, you can continue to pressurize, and let the pressure gauge value ≥ 0.05MPa.

Reminder: Liquid nitrogen supply tank is the most economical and efficient for supplying liquid nitrogen pressure with 0.05MPa!

How the Liquid Nitrogen Supply Tank emits liquid nitrogen