How to choose the right liquid nitrogen storage tank

2022-12-02 09:31:24

In addition to the quality of preservation, the storage of biological samples also requires the type of specifications.

Unsuitable specifications of the liquid nitrogen storage tank samples can not be put in, or put in easy to take out trouble.

Naturally, it does not reach the step of testing the quality of preservation!

Today, Tianchi will teach you how to choose the right liquid nitrogen storage tank?

1.Look at the number of samples

The number of samples determines the capacity of the liquid nitrogen tank.

Smaller liquid nitrogen tanks, such as 6 liters, 10 liters, or smaller, if the sample size is small.

A larger number of samples requires a larger type of liquid nitrogen storage tank, such as 30 to 175 liters.

2.Look at the sample size

The sample size is the basis for determining the vessel diameter.

The samples are on the small side and moderate in number, a small port of 50mm, or a larger one of 80mm will suffice.

The sample is larger, you have to choose a larger one such as 125mm, 210mm, etc., such as the number of more, it is more important to choose this kind.

3.Look at the demand

Liquid nitrogen storage tanks can store samples and liquid nitrogen, storage samples compared to the above two can, storage of liquid nitrogen should pay more attention to the preservation time, it is recommended to use 50mm small diameter, evaporation loss is small, preservation time is long. Capacity depends on your own needs.

Liquid nitrogen storage tank is ultimately a container for storing biological samples, in addition to liquid nitrogen preservation time, more consideration or fit with the sample, to be able to put down the sample, and will not be too large for no reason to lose liquid nitrogen.

In addition, before choosing the product remember to look at the strength of the manufacturer, high quality with perfect after-sales service to use to rest assured!

How to choose the right liquid nitrogen storage tank