How to clean a commercial ice maker ?

2022-03-15 14:48:23

Remove any ice cubes that may remain in the commercial ice maker, then unplug it from the wall. It is important that the equipment is empty before starting the cleaning process.

  1. Disconnect the power

Make sure the ice maker is off before cleaning.

  1. Take out the ice tray

Pull the ice maker’s ice tray out of the way and set it aside on a clean surface.

  1. Wipe clean

Wipe the inside of the device with a soft cloth. If your ice maker is particularly dirty, put two tablespoons of vinegar on the cloth to help further clean up impurities and buildup that has entered the ice maker. This also helps remove excess calcium buildup caused by the machine running through hard water.

  1. Clean the tray

Wipe down the tray the same way you would inside a portable ice maker.

  1. Run the normal loop

Empty all water from the ice maker reservoir, then run a cycle or two with clean, warm water. This will ensure that any remaining vinegar or impurities have been completely removed from the machine. This can also help eliminate the plastic smell you might find in newer equipment, like the vinegar trick above.

  1. Clean the exterior

Wipe the outside of the machine with a soft cloth. With some warm water, scrub off any dirt or dust that might be stuck on the portable ice maker.