How to clean frozen semen with liquid nitrogen tank?

2022-08-03 09:43:50

Liquid nitrogen is an ideal cryogenic agent for storing frozen semen. Liquid nitrogen tank is an ideal container for storing frozen semen. The vacuum insulation design maximizes the low temperature characteristics of liquid nitrogen at -196°C, and can well preserve frozen semen for artificial insemination. use.

The liquid nitrogen tank that plays such an important role needs to be taken seriously and kept dry and clean.

Then the question arises, how should the liquid nitrogen tank for frozen semen be cleaned? How often do you wash it?

A: Once a year, there are key points to clean!

The liquid nitrogen tank for frozen semen should be cleaned once a year to avoid corrosion of the tank liner due to accumulated water, semen contamination, and the reproduction of miscellaneous bacteria.

The cleaning method is as follows:

1.First scrub with washing powder and appropriate amount of water, then rinse with clean water;

2.Invert the liquid nitrogen tank and let it dry naturally or dry it with hot dry air;

3.Irradiate with ultraviolet rays, sterilize and disinfect.

Note that it is strictly forbidden to fill the used liquid nitrogen tank with other liquids, so as not to cause oxidation to the tank and corrode the inner tank, so the loss is your own!

How to clean frozen semen with liquid nitrogen tank