How to get a specimen that falls into a liquid nitrogen tank?

2022-04-22 09:34:35

There are many specimens stored in the liquid nitrogen tank, and the frequency of taking and taking is high. It is inevitable that some specimens and cryopreservation tubes will accidentally fall off, and sometimes foreign objects will fall into the gap between the lids. It is obviously unreasonable to take it directly. How should I take it in this situation?

Tianchi teaches you two methods:

1.Small liquid nitrogen tank

The small liquid nitrogen tank has a small volume and a small diameter, and the location of the specimen cannot be seen, so it cannot be taken directly with a tool.

You can first pour the liquid nitrogen into another large open container, such as a foam box, and then use a slotted spoon to remove the specimen or cryovial. After taking it out, put it back on again, and then add liquid nitrogen.

2.Large-caliber liquid nitrogen tank with large volume

If it is a large-caliber liquid nitrogen tank, the volume is relatively large, and it is very unrealistic to use the above method, which is laborious and unsafe.

But fortunately, the colander of the large-caliber liquid nitrogen tank is easy to enter, you can find a colander of suitable size and directly insert it to fish. When you get it, remember to wear liquid nitrogen protective clothing, goggles, and protect your face and hands, so as not to be frostbitten by liquid nitrogen.

The above is the treatment method for the specimen falling into the liquid nitrogen tank. These two methods can be applied to all foreign objects that fall into the liquid nitrogen tank. But no matter which method you use, you must do a good job in your own safety protection, and do not let liquid nitrogen come into contact with your skin.

How to get a specimen that falls into a liquid nitrogen tank