How to know how much liquid nitrogen is left in the liquid nitrogen Dewar cell storage

2024-04-01 09:35:44

Cryopreservation of biological samples such as cells and embryos is a common step in experimental projects.

After sampling these samples, they are processed by adding freezing solution and other related procedures, and then placed in liquid nitrogen Dewar for storage;

Because the conduct of experimental subjects often takes a long time, and the division and proliferation of cells and embryos are instantaneous in a normal temperature environment, they can only be stored with the help of liquid nitrogen Dewar. Sufficient liquid nitrogen must also be ensured during storage!

Moreover, due to the low boiling point of liquid nitrogen, the remaining amount of liquid nitrogen needs to be checked regularly and replenished when insufficient!

So how to understand the liquid nitrogen Dewar cell storage and how much liquid nitrogen is left?

Two methods:

A kind of regular actual measurement that requires manual operation;

Another way to install liquid level/temperature detection equipment without manual operation!

Regular actual measurement is very simple, and the tools used are also easy to obtain, just a liquid level gauge or a small solid wooden stick;

When testing, put a ruler or wooden stick vertically into the bottom of the liquid nitrogen Dewar, wait a few seconds, take it out and check the frost height. The frost height is the height of liquid nitrogen in the container, and you can use it to determine the liquid nitrogen balance!

There is also a weighing method, which requires measuring and marking the data of empty, half and full liquid nitrogen Dewar tanks, and then checking them regularly and comparing the three numbers to understand the approximate liquid nitrogen balance.

Finally, add a liquid level/temperature detection device, that is, an intelligent liquid level alarm, bind the temperature sensor of the device to the cell freezing rack, and place it in a liquid nitrogen Dewar tank. The probe will transmit temperature data to the display device in real time. When the temperature exceeds the preset maximum temperature, a corresponding sound and light prompt will be issued and sent to the user’s mobile terminal via text message or email. Even if you are on a business trip, the temperature will not be monitored in real time!

These are the ways and means to know how much liquid nitrogen is left in the liquid nitrogen Dewar cell storage!

How to know how much liquid nitrogen is left in the liquid nitrogen Dewar cell storag