How to measure the liquid level of ln2 supply tank

2022-08-05 09:31:40

If liquid nitrogen is the cold source of the liquid nitrogen tank, it is the “core” of the ln2 supply tank!

The ln2 supply tank is to be used for liquid nitrogen transfer, and is a liquid nitrogen replenishment tank for other liquid nitrogen containers, such as stem cell tanks!

The premise of supplementation is that there is enough liquid nitrogen output in the ln2 supply tank!

But the ln2 supply tank cannot be opened, and the liquid level gauge cannot be placed. How to judge that there is enough liquid nitrogen in the tank?

In fact, the judgment principle is the same as that of the liquid nitrogen tank: it is explained by the liquid level height, but the operation method is different?

Now, let’s talk about how to measure the liquid level of ln2 supply tank?

The liquid level measurement of the ln2 supply tank is more intuitive and easy to use than the liquid nitrogen tank!

Because it has its own liquid level gauge, it can display the liquid level height in the inner tank in real time, just remember to observe it!

The ln2 supply tank level gauge is placed at the caliber position, at the highest point of the supply tank, surrounded by several valves. It is an all-seeing buoyancy level gauge, manufactured according to the principle of force balance, the appearance display is transparent, and there is a yellow indicator ring inside.

This yellow ring will react intuitively to the height of the liquid level, high or low. When the liquid level bottoms out from the indicator ring, it means that the ln2 supply tank needs to be replenished with liquid nitrogen. The amount of liquid nitrogen can no longer support the use of infusion. .

How to measure the liquid level of ln2 supply tank