How to place the liquid nitrogen container correctly?

2023-09-04 09:17:58

The liquid nitrogen container contains liquid nitrogen, which is also named because it can store liquid nitrogen. It is designed with a double-gallbladder vacuum structure;

Before the liquid nitrogen is filled, there is no need to consider that the liquid nitrogen will evaporate and contain gas. If the gas cannot be discharged, it will cause an explosion. You only need to pay attention to the safety and integrity of the tank. After installing liquid nitrogen, in addition to exhaust, you must also consider the impact of exhaust and the tank body.

How should the liquid nitrogen container be placed correctly?

How to place it so that the exhaust gas will not have adverse effects, and will not hurt the container itself?

There are two points to note:

1.Stay upright

Keeping it upright is the protection of the body of the liquid nitrogen container!

The liquid nitrogen tank is a container that is evacuated between the two tanks and filled with heat-insulating adsorption materials. The integrity of the tank body will affect the degree of vacuum. If the can body is dented due to strong impact, even if it is not broken, the force on the outer tank will be uneven, the vacuum distribution will not be the same as it is originally, and the thermal insulation performance will be affected to a certain extent.

Collisions are mostly caused by failure to keep the tank upright, and the liquid nitrogen container cannot stand stably; of course, there are also cases where it accidentally bumps into the container while carrying other items. Therefore, it is recommended to keep it upright and pay attention to the protection of the jar. Even if it is equipped with a protective cover, do not let hard objects collide with it at will.

2.Environmental ventilation

Environmental ventilation is the protection of the user!

It is inevitable that the liquid nitrogen container filled with liquid nitrogen will volatilize naturally, and the volatilized nitrogen gas will compete with oxygen for space. If it is placed in a closed environment for a long time, it may cause suffocation of the user and threaten life.

Therefore, if it is a liquid nitrogen container filled with liquid nitrogen, you must pay attention to the ventilation of the environment where it is placed, and do not close the space!

Seeing this, you should know about the correct placement of liquid nitrogen containers!

How to place the liquid nitrogen container correctly