How to refill liquid nitrogen when the liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer runs out?

2024-01-10 09:51:43

For long-term cryogenic storage of biological samples, no matter which region you are in, liquid nitrogen containers are the first choice!

Different types and specifications will be selected based on the storage needs and the number of samples. For example, if a small amount of cattle sperm and cells are to be soaked in liquid nitrogen, YDS liquid nitrogen tanks will be selected. A multi-purpose liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer will be established for large-volume sample libraries because vapor phase storage is more suitable. .

But no matter what type, it is necessary to use liquid nitrogen to cool down, and it is a sufficient amount of liquid nitrogen!

To ensure a sufficient amount of liquid nitrogen, it must be replenished regularly. After all, liquid nitrogen is a low-boiling point + deep-temperature liquid, and natural evaporation is inevitable!

How to add it?

The YDS liquid nitrogen tank is relatively simple and everyone is familiar with it. You can take it to the gas company to fill it, or you can have the gas company come to your door. If you prepare the liquid nitrogen tank yourself, you can use a tool – a liquid nitrogen pump, or two people work together to lift it and refill it, etc. . But these methods are not very useful for liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezers because they are too big!

So how should we replenish the liquid nitrogen when the liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer runs out?

A liquid nitrogen supply tank is required! Or stainless steel Dewar flask, liquid nitrogen cylinder!

Connect the liquid inlet of the supply tank to the liquid replenishment port of the liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer. When liquid replenishment is needed, operate the supply tank to release liquid nitrogen to the freezer. This operation can be manual or automatic. Automatically requires the installation of a solenoid valve. After installation, the intelligent monitoring and management system of the liquid nitrogen freezer can automatically control the output and stop of liquid nitrogen. It only needs to set the standard values for replenishing and stopping replenishing in advance.

This kind of supplementary operation is the preferred method of many laboratories and sample banks. It can prevent outsiders from entering and ensure the privacy of the scientific research environment! If the supply tank is out of liquid nitrogen, you can take the supply tank out to refill it, or transfer the supply tank on casters to the gas company for refilling outside the door!

Of course, if you are not afraid of trouble, you can also find a gas company to directly fill the liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer with liquid nitrogen!

Do you know now?

How to refill liquid nitrogen when the liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezer runs out