How to refill the liquid nitrogen tank when the liquid level is low?

2024-01-15 10:01:44

Everyone knows that the liquid nitrogen tank in use needs to be replenished regularly!

Needless to say, everyone knows the reason for regular rehydration. It is because liquid nitrogen has a low boiling point and will volatilize. A vacuum-structured nitrogen container can only slow down this volatilization, but not completely prevent it, even if it uses a well-insulated aviation container. Aluminum materials, even after vacuuming, must be replenished when the liquid level is low, otherwise the container will lose its use.

How to supplement it?

How to refill the liquid nitrogen tank when the liquid level is low?

Rely on manual labor?

Yes, but it’s not just that!

In addition to manual labor, we can also use tools! After all, when manually pouring liquid nitrogen, you cannot choose a rehydration tank that is too big, otherwise it will not be able to lift it! There are distance and space restrictions to getting to the gas company, so you need to plan in advance; the gas company’s visit may not always be timely.

Tools can help us replenish fluids in time, just prepare the supply tank in advance!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the tools!

Rehydration Tool 1: Liquid Nitrogen Pump

There are prerequisites for using a liquid nitrogen pump. One is to have a 50mm liquid nitrogen storage tank, and the tank to be replenished is also 50mm in diameter; the other is a liquid nitrogen tank to store liquid nitrogen. Because the pump is a device without a liquid storage space.

To use it, you need to first fix the pump body to the liquid storage tank, align the pipe with the tank to be replenished, and then start to apply force to apply pressure on the liquid storage tank with the help of external force to pump the liquid nitrogen out. There are four options: foot pedal, foot pedal + hand pump, mechanical type, and mechanical type + remote control.

Rehydration Tool 2: Liquid Nitrogen Supply Tank

That is, the self-pressurizing liquid nitrogen tank is different from the liquid nitrogen pump in that it is suitable for various diameters and has its own liquid nitrogen storage.

Its fluid replenishment is also pressurized, but it is internally self-pressurized. It uses the hot air in the pressurized coil to vaporize a small amount of liquid nitrogen. After the liquid vaporizes, it expands and squeezes out the liquid nitrogen in the inner tank. The advantage is that it is fast. , the purity is guaranteed, but the disadvantage is that the price is higher.

Therefore, liquid nitrogen supply tanks are more suitable for scientific research laboratories, and the low pressure is within 0.1MPa, which is safer.

Finally, let’s talk about manual labor. Manual rehydration can be easily completed with just a funnel. Of course, the prerequisite is that there is a supply tank, and it cannot be a liquid nitrogen tank with a large capacity, such as more than 50 liters. It will be difficult for two people to lift it together.

Regarding the specific type of rehydration, you can consider the container size, caliber and budget. The one that suits you is the best!

How to refill the liquid nitrogen tank when the liquid level is low