How to replenish the liquid nitrogen when the vapor-phase liquid nitrogen freezer runs out?

2024-03-15 10:11:01

It belongs to the same category of liquid nitrogen containers, and the cryogenic storage of vapor-phase liquid nitrogen freezers also relies on liquid nitrogen;

Even if it is a separate storage of liquid nitrogen and samples, the liquid nitrogen is deep in the bottom of the tank, and the vacuum insulation structure of the container naturally evaporates less. However, due to its “refrigeration” principle, the evaporated liquid nitrogen provides a low temperature for the upper sample. Its liquid nitrogen loss is actually more than that of a conventional aluminum alloy liquid nitrogen tank, and it will also be consumed within a period of time.

Liquid nitrogen must be replenished after consumption, which is an indispensable part of all cryogenic containers using liquid nitrogen as refrigerant;

Regular liquid nitrogen tank replenishment can be done manually, at a gas company or with a liquid nitrogen pump;

How to replenish liquid nitrogen in a vapor-phase liquid nitrogen freezer that is different from conventional liquid nitrogen container structures and storage modes?

do you know?

It can use liquid nitrogen supply tanks!

This is a container specially designed for rehydration of large-capacity liquid nitrogen tanks. It is composed of pressurizing, emptying and liquid inlet and outlet valves + the tank body. The valve controls the entry and exit of liquid nitrogen. The tank body partially stores liquid nitrogen. It can achieve internal Pressurized fluid replenishment ensures the purity of liquid nitrogen.

The vapor-phase liquid nitrogen refrigerator is connected to it and is controlled by the intelligent monitoring and management system of the refrigerator. It sends a signal to the supply tank. When the liquid nitrogen level is lower than the preset value, it automatically starts the booster replenishment to reach the set maximum. Stop when the rehydration value is reached. The entire rehydration process is fully automated, greatly improving the work efficiency of experimental and sample library managers.

The reason why other rehydration methods are not chosen is that the vapor-phase liquid nitrogen freezer has a large capacity, 350-1800 liters, and a large amount of liquid nitrogen storage. It is inconvenient to move. Manual pouring and limited use of liquid nitrogen pumps with a diameter of 50mm are obviously not suitable. Second, the liquid nitrogen in the vapor-phase liquid nitrogen freezer is at the bottom of the tank, separated from the upper sample by a tray, and liquid replenishment can only be done through pipes. In addition to the privacy issue of the experimental site, the liquid nitrogen supply tank is more suitable overall.

Now, everyone should know how to replenish the liquid nitrogen when the vapor-phase liquid nitrogen freezer runs out!

How to replenish the liquid nitrogen when the vapor-phase liquid nitrogen freezer runs out