How to take the samples in the liquid nitrogen storage Dewar tank?

2023-07-19 09:18:01

Samples can be stored in a refrigerator or a liquid nitrogen tank for low temperature storage. Long-term low temperature storage or liquid nitrogen storage Dewar tanks!

Liquid nitrogen is stored inside the vacuum insulated container, and samples are immersed in liquid nitrogen to isolate heat and air for long-term storage.

The samples should be processed before storage, such as adding the frozen liquid into the cryopreservation tube, and putting the sperm into the thin tube in advance, etc. When storing, the cell tubules are put into the accessory freezer box and freezer rack; the sperm tubules are put into the pail, and then put into liquid nitrogen for storage in the Dewar.

After loading, what we see is that the handles of the freezer racks or buckets are stuck at the mouth of the tank, and they are firmly fixed without shaking. This step is put in, but the ultimate purpose of cryopreservation of the sample is to use it. When it needs to be used, how to take out the sample in the liquid nitrogen storage Dewar tank?

It’s easy!

Basically reverse the sample storage steps!

Start with opening the liquid nitrogen storage Dewar tank, unlock the lid in one step, take the neck plug in the second step, and put the sample upside down in the third step.

First, lift out the bucket or freezer rack, pay attention to lift it out vertically, and do not shake it vigorously back and forth;

Then, if it is a cell sample, remove the freezer box from the freezer rack, open the freezer box, and take out the cryotube. Wear low-temperature gloves throughout the process. If it is a thin tube of sperm, use tweezers to pick it up instead of using your hands directly. After taking it out, quickly put it into the thawing cup. After thawing, it can be used for artificial insemination.

The method of taking samples from the liquid nitrogen storage Dewar tank is very simple. It is important to protect yourself when taking samples, so as to avoid liquid nitrogen splashing when taking samples, or a large amount of liquid nitrogen cold air coming out and hurting the skin.

How to take the samples in the liquid nitrogen storage Dewar tank