How to tell if the Ln2 supply tank is empty?

2023-10-13 09:19:29

Among many liquid nitrogen storage containers, the YDS series is the easiest to judge the internal liquid level. It has an open design. External tools can easily enter the tank to measure the height, and then determine whether the inside is empty. What is harder to judge is the ln2 supply tank!

The Ln2 supply tank does not have an opening like the YDS, nor does it have an intelligent control system for a liquid nitrogen freezer. Its nearly sealed structure prevents external tools from entering, whether it is a liquid level gauge or the thin wiring of a liquid level detector. So how do you know its liquid level?

How can users determine whether the ln2 supply tank is empty?

After all, it is a laboratory supply tank. Its internal condition is unknown and may result in the lack of liquid nitrogen to replenish other containers when they need to be refilled, thus affecting the activity of the preserved biological samples. So how to judge?

Answer: You can use the liquid level gauge that comes with the ln2 supply tank!

The liquid level gauge is located at the top center of the ln2 supply tank and is connected to the inside of the tank. Several valves are scattered around it.

This liquid level gauge is a full-view buoyancy level gauge. What is exposed on the outside is its transparent display. The user can observe the yellow indicator ring in the display to understand the internal liquid level changes. If you see that the yellow indicator ring is close to the bottom of the display, it means that the amount of liquid nitrogen in the ln2 supply tank is running low, and you need to contact the gas company to store liquid for it.

On the contrary, if the yellow indicator ring is close to the upper part, it means that the liquid nitrogen is sufficient, and there is no need to add additional liquid nitrogen, and the liquid nitrogen can be supplied normally.

This is how to judge whether the ln2 supply tank is empty. Do you understand?

How to tell if the Ln2 supply tank is empty