Ice machine motor burned out how to do

2022-09-30 11:31:33

In hotter weather, the demand for ice will be more large, sometimes there will be a long time operation of the ice machine caused by burning motor phenomenon occurs, encounter these failures we should how to solve it?

The first step is to know what caused the ice machine motor to burn out?

The second step, according to the cause to find a way!

Let’s combine one or two steps together!

Ice machine burn motor failure, mainly due to excessive resistance inside the ice bucket caused by.

Reason 1: The ice blade bearing is broken, the gap between the ice blade and the ice bucket wall becomes larger, resulting in thicker ice sheets, increased pressure for deicing, and overloading of the motor.

Solution: Find the location of the ice blade bearing and replace it promptly.

Reason 2: The ice bucket spindle under the bearing is broken caused, there is also a possibility that the spindle on the bearing failure caused.

Solution: Disassemble the ice bucket for inspection, that part of the bearing has problems to replace which part.

Reason 3: The internal jamming of the reducer or the broken transmission shaft of the reducer leads to.

Solution: When you encounter this situation, you need to replace the reducer!

These are the above is the use of ice machines in the process of motor burnout treatment!

Ice machine motor burned out how to do