Is it dangerous to keep liquid nitrogen tanks indoors?

2023-09-18 09:41:41

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Is there any danger? Keep liquid nitrogen tanks indoors?

To be precise, it is not that the liquid nitrogen tank is dangerous if it is placed indoors, but that it is dangerous if it is placed indoors with poor ventilation!

The liquid nitrogen tank itself is an aluminum tank, a stable metal tank. The possible source of danger comes from liquid nitrogen, which is -196°C and is easily volatile. What may cause danger in a closed room is its volatile nature. After all, -196°C liquid falling on human skin will cause frostbite, but the volatilized nitrogen will not be discharged, resulting in suffocation of personnel.

Because, unlike other cryogenic liquids, such as liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen is not flammable or explosive after it volatilizes into a gas, but it competes with oxygen in the air for space. If the liquid nitrogen volatilizes and the air is not circulated in a poorly ventilated or relatively closed room, the continuously volatilizing nitrogen will cause the oxygen content in the air to decrease, and people entering the room will easily suffocate due to insufficient oxygen.

KGSQ does not need to emphasize the consequences of suffocation, I believe everyone is well aware of it!

Therefore, friends, please remember that when storing liquid nitrogen tanks indoors, pay attention to environmental ventilation and open doors and windows; or place them directly in a well-ventilated and cool room. Do not choose a very closed space to place it in order to reduce volatilization. very dangerous!

Is it dangerous to keep liquid nitrogen tanks indoors