Is it dangerous to put a sperm storage container in liquid nitrogen?

2023-07-05 09:43:10

The artificial insemination and breed improvement of farm and ranch animals require fine-bred sperm;

The vitality of sperm determines the success rate of insemination. Therefore, the collected semen needs to be collected in a special sperm storage container, and the sperm can be quickly frozen with the help of a low-temperature medium to preserve viability. This type of special sperm storage container is a “liquid nitrogen tank”, and the medium is liquid nitrogen.

This is why many users worry that liquid nitrogen is a low-temperature liquid at -196°C, and everything that comes into contact with it will freeze instantly and become fragile and brittle. Moreover, liquid nitrogen has a low boiling point and is volatile. It will be pressurized when it becomes a gas, and there is a risk of explosion. Sperm is so important. Is it really not dangerous to put liquid nitrogen in a special storage container?

Is it dangerous to put liquid nitrogen in a sperm storage container?

of course not!

The real low temperature effect in the sperm storage container to prevent sperm inactivation is liquid nitrogen!

The liquid nitrogen tank only provides a container for storing liquid nitrogen. Its special vacuum insulation structure can minimize the volatilization of liquid nitrogen, so that liquid nitrogen can freeze biological samples instead of biological activity. If liquid nitrogen is not added to the sperm container, it will be the same as an ordinary container, unable to preserve sperm for a long time, and the sperm will be inactivated soon after being placed in it.

In addition, the manufacturer of the liquid nitrogen explosion that users are worried about has solved it in the early stage of the design of the sperm storage container. The loose neck plug of the liquid nitrogen tank is the reason why there is an air outlet, so that the volatilized liquid nitrogen can be discharged smoothly without forming pressure in the container. cause an explosion.

To sum up: there is no danger in putting the sperm storage container into liquid nitrogen!

Is it dangerous to put a sperm storage container in liquid nitrogen