Is it okay to store sperm in a small liquid nitrogen container?

2024-04-29 10:07:45

Due to different locations, different usage methods, and different sample quantities, in order to meet various market needs, the liquid nitrogen containers supplied by manufacturers range from small to large. They have differences in volume and caliber, but have the same structure.

It is also relatively simple to use and select. For liquid nitrogen storage, a small liquid nitrogen container is sufficient, and attention should be paid to using a small diameter;

Samples can be stored in either large or small sizes. The capacity and caliber are determined based on the number of samples, regardless of sample type!

Therefore, it is okay to store sperm in small liquid nitrogen containers! Just pay attention to the type of container!

If the selected container is a road transport type and the product label has the word “B”, such as YDS-15B, although it can preserve sperm, it is not recommended. Because this series of liquid nitrogen tanks with “B” have three additional supports between the inner and outer tanks, the vacuum capacity is not as large as that of the storage type. With the same diameter of 50mm, the liquid nitrogen storage time is shorter than that of the storage type, 82 days for the transportation type and 136 days for the storage type. , rehydration times will be more frequent.

Dry small liquid nitrogen containers are also not recommended. Although these containers can be used for static storage of sperm, they are more expensive. If you do not need to transport biological samples by air, there is no need to choose them. Ordinary YDS liquid nitrogen tanks with a more suitable price will suffice. meet needs.

In addition, it should be noted that the specific model of the small liquid nitrogen container is determined according to the specific number of sperm and the purpose of use. For outdoor semen collection, 6 liters, 10 liters, and 50mm diameter are used. The number of sperm straws stored is 792 0.5ml straws and 0.25ml straws. 1788 thin tubes. The vehicle-mounted transport of sperm for breeding uses 16 liters, and the long-term storage at home uses 30 and 35 liters of 125mm large-diameter liquid nitrogen tanks. It can be equipped with a double-layer large bucket, and the sperm storage quantity ranges from 792 to 20,706.

Summary: You can use small liquid nitrogen containers to preserve sperm, but you need to choose a storage liquid nitrogen tank and then choose the appropriate model!

Finally, a warm reminder, the small liquid nitrogen supply tank cannot store sperm, it is just a liquid nitrogen transfer container!

Is it okay to store sperm in a small liquid nitrogen container