Is the Dewar container of liquid nitrogen pressurized?

2024-07-01 09:42:01

Liquid nitrogen, as a liquid with excellent low-temperature capabilities, is indispensable to the livestock and scientific research industries. For its storage, scientists of all generations have conducted research and development tests, and improved various factories, and finally produced a dewar container for liquid nitrogen.

Now that we have the container, we are also concerned that the low boiling point of liquid nitrogen will create pressure inside the container, making it unsafe to use! So does it have pressure? The liquid nitrogen dewar container on the market now!

Specifically, it is necessary to distinguish which type of dewar container it is!

The dewar container of liquid nitrogen itself has no pressure, but if it is in working state, it can be low pressure or no pressure.

The pressurized one is called a pressurized liquid nitrogen tank, which is a liquid nitrogen supply tank. It is a type of tank used to add liquid nitrogen to other low-temperature containers. It has valves and casters. The valve can control the delivery of liquid nitrogen, and the casters make it easy to move and get closer to the container that needs liquid replenishment.

Its use, that is, when delivering liquid nitrogen, it needs to be pressurized first, and the pressure is increased to ≥0.05MPa by using a booster valve. Within this pressure range, liquid nitrogen can be smoothly injected. But when the liquid nitrogen is delivered, it returns to no pressure and is still safe.

Another type of non-pressure-free work is the YDS series dewar container for liquid nitrogen. It is a familiar aluminum liquid nitrogen container with a capacity of 1-175 liters for long-term storage of liquid nitrogen and biological samples, such as bovine sperm and embryonic cells. It is designed for opening and equipped with an insulating neck plug. Because the opening and storage of samples do not require pressure, there is no pressure design.

In fact, in addition to these two types, there are several other pressure-free liquid nitrogen Dewar containers, such as the YDD gas phase liquid nitrogen freezer and cryobank small gas phase tank. Although they use nitrogen to freeze samples, they are also pressure-free due to their wide-diameter design.

Now, everyone knows whether there will be pressure in the dewar container of liquid nitrogen!

Is the Dewar container of liquid nitrogen pressurized