Is the cell storage liquid nitrogen tank a medical device?

2023-05-24 09:27:15

From the day when people discovered that liquid nitrogen can be used for beauty spots, the container for storing liquid nitrogen has been frequently considered as a medical device because it is used in beauty salons and some places that require medical qualifications to operate.

Also encountering this problem is the cell storage liquid nitrogen tank commonly used in laboratories, hospitals, and reproductive centers.

Is this liquid nitrogen tank for cell storage a medical device?

Like containers for storing liquid nitrogen, cell storage liquid nitrogen tanks are not medical devices and have no relevant qualifications!

It is a liquid nitrogen biological container manufactured in accordance with the “GB/T 5458-2012” standard, and everything from material use, structural design, caliber size and even model naming is in compliance with this standard!

The standard stipulates that the cell storage liquid nitrogen tank is an atmospheric storage container with an effective volume of 1-175L and a diameter of 30-216mm. It is a high-vacuum multi-layer heat-insulated container without pressure and cannot store liquid oxygen or other low-temperature liquids. It is completely a storage container for cryogenic liquid nitrogen, storing liquid nitrogen and then freezing cells, not a medical device.

In addition, medical devices have strict regulations, and atmospheric pressure storage containers are not within the scope of their permission.

Now everyone knows! Cell storage liquid nitrogen tanks, in fact, all liquid nitrogen containers are not medical devices!

Is the cell storage liquid nitrogen tank a medical device