Is the cryogenic liquid nitrogen Dewar tank a dangerous product?

2023-05-08 09:31:20

In 1898, British scientist Dewar invented the principle of vacuum jacket, which provided a reference for the subsequent manufacture of liquid nitrogen Dewar tanks.

With the discovery of the times, the liquid nitrogen Dewar tank has been improved several times, and it has become a cryogenic container that integrates liquid nitrogen and biological sample storage, and has been widely used in semen, cell storage, and food production.

However, because it belongs to the cryogenic container industry and is also a liquid nitrogen storage container, many users think it is a dangerous product when they first come into contact with this industry, and they are cautious about whether to use it. So is it really dangerous goods?

In fact, purely from a product point of view, cryogenic liquid nitrogen Dewar tanks are not dangerous goods!

It is made of aluminum alloy or aviation aluminum, which is a heat-insulating, corrosion-resistant and high-strength material, and is not flammable;

Its structure is divided into an inner tank and an outer tank. There is a vacuum between the inner and outer tanks, and it is filled with insulating and adsorbing materials for heat preservation;

The tank accessories, regardless of the material of the neck plug, neck tube and protective sleeve, are flame retardant and low temperature resistant.

And it is an open design, no pressure exists

Therefore, from the perspective of the product itself, the cryogenic liquid nitrogen Dewar tank is not a dangerous product!

The dangers perceived by users are actually due to improper operation, causing low temperature frostbite, or explosion hazards.

For example, it is believed that the neck plug of the Dewar container is relatively loose, and the original neck plug is replaced if the tank is to be sealed better, resulting in the inability to release the pressure in the tank and causing an explosion.

Failure to take frozen samples or rehydration in Dewar tanks in accordance with regulations may cause liquid nitrogen to splash and touch the skin, resulting in frostbite, etc.

In addition, cryogenic liquid nitrogen Dewar tanks like KGSQ have strict design standards and are manufactured in accordance with “Liquid Nitrogen Biological Containers GB/T 5458-2012”. It is difficult to be trusted in industries such as animal husbandry and scientific research experiments!

Is the cryogenic liquid nitrogen Dewar tank a dangerous product