Is the outer wall of the ln2 tank cool?

2024-01-03 09:59:35

The outstanding characteristic of liquid nitrogen is its low temperature! -196℃ low temperature!

Such characteristics make it widely used in biological sample storage, low-temperature experiments and interesting food;

Together with its storage container, ln2 tank has a large market in scientific research, animal husbandry, food and industry.

Because liquid nitrogen not only has deep low temperature, but also has a low boiling point. It will vaporize and volatilize quickly at normal temperature or even normal low temperature environment. It can only exist in liquid form in a special container liquid nitrogen tank, that is, ln2 tank, and can play a role in freezing. Save everything!

Then why can only ln2 tank do it? There are obviously so many cryogenic containers?

Is it because its material temperature is lower than the boiling point of liquid nitrogen and its outer wall is cold so it can resist external heat?

is that so? Is the outer wall of Ln2 tank cool?

of course not!

The reason why liquid nitrogen can remain liquid for a long time is the double tank structure of ln2 tank. The material is only an auxiliary to the structure!

Of course, it is not just a simple double-gallery structure. The key point is to evacuate the double-gallery space and fill the vacuum layer with thermal insulation and heat preservation materials in an orderly manner. In this way, the vacuum + multi-layer insulation design not only isolates external heat and avoids By using the metal material of the outer tank to pass in, it can also prevent the low temperature of the inner tank from being transmitted to the outside.

This layer of vacuum + multi-layer insulation firmly locks the liquid nitrogen in the inner tank at a low temperature of -196°C. The outer wall cannot be felt at all. Only the material temperature of the aluminum alloy or aviation aluminum itself is the ambient temperature.

If the outer wall feels cold to the touch, it is most likely that the vacuum layer of the ln2 tank is destroyed, the vacuum is lost, external air enters, and the low temperature formed by the liquid nitrogen in the inner tank is transmitted along the joint between the inner and outer tanks. It has an outer gallbladder, so the outer wall is cool.

If this happens, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer immediately for help, otherwise the liquid nitrogen will evaporate quickly, affecting sample safety and even causing economic losses! Finally, everyone must pay attention to regular inspections of the ln2 tank. It is also necessary to touch the outer wall with your hands!

Is the outer wall of the ln2 tank cool