Is the pressure of the Ln2 supply tank related to the amount of liquid nitrogen?

2024-02-21 09:38:41

Based on the use of liquid nitrogen and long-term freezing of samples, liquid nitrogen tanks are pressure-free at the beginning and last for many years.

With the expansion of liquid nitrogen use scenarios and the increase in usage, the demand for replenishment has become stronger. Traditional dumping and finding gas companies have restrictions and are not timely and effective enough for some liquid nitrogen containers. Therefore, ln2 replenishment tanks have emerged, a type of It is only a container for storing and transferring liquid nitrogen. It outputs liquid nitrogen through internal pressurization to replenish other tanks.

Since it is internally pressurized, the output is also the liquid nitrogen stored in the ln2 tank itself. Is its supply pressure related to the liquid nitrogen?

Have it? Is the pressure of the Ln2 supply tank related to the amount of liquid nitrogen in the tank?

Yes, it is relevant!

The essence of pressurizing the Ln2 supply tank is the vaporization of liquid nitrogen. The vaporized liquid nitrogen is converted into pressure that can “push” out the liquid nitrogen! Its pressurization process is to first put outside air into the pressurization coil. The liquid nitrogen in the inner tank receives this part of the heat and vaporizes and expands on its own. After the vaporization reaches a certain value, the liquid nitrogen is pushed through the pipeline. go out.

During this process, the amount of external air entering is constant and the distribution in the booster coil is uniform. Only the amount of liquid nitrogen in the ln2 supply tank can affect the speed of pressure increase. The more liquid nitrogen, the shorter the gasification and boosting time will be, because the contact surface with heat is larger; the less liquid nitrogen, the upper part of the booster coil may not be able to contact the liquid nitrogen at all. Compared with the full tank situation, the standard pressure value must be reached It will take longer.

The KGSQ liquid nitrogen tank has undergone a series of tests. The results show that when the ln2 supply tank is filled with liquid nitrogen, it only takes 20 seconds to increase the standard pressure to 0.05MPa; when the liquid nitrogen reserve is 3/4, it takes 1 minute to increase to 0.05MPa. ; When the liquid nitrogen storage capacity is only 1/4, it will take 8 minutes to increase to 0.05MPa.

Therefore, the pressure of the ln2 supply tank is related to the amount of liquid nitrogen! As the liquid nitrogen decreases, the pressurization time will become longer. In the same time, a small amount of liquid nitrogen will not reach the pressure of a full tank of liquid nitrogen, and more time will be needed to achieve it.

Is the pressure of the Ln2 supply tank related to the amount of liquid nitrogen