Is the snowflake ice maker suddenly frosted?

2022-09-07 09:45:28

Snowflake ice machine, as the name suggests, is used to make snow flake ice.

In some scientific laboratories, when performing low temperature experiments, a continuous and large supply of snowflake ice is required.

Therefore, any place involving this type of experiment will be equipped with a Snowflake Ice Machine!

If you use it often, sometimes you will encounter the problem of frosting of the ice machine. Is this the snow ice machine broken?

Actually not!

Snowflake ice maker frosting or water droplets on the surface are actually caused by the following two reasons!

One: air

Due to the high humidity of the air and a certain temperature difference with the ice maker, fog condensation will form on the surface of the machine, just wipe it dry.

Two: temperature

This refers to frost on the back of the ice maker’s inner tank.

If this is the problem with your ice maker, it’s actually caused by the cold room working.

Because the temperature in the refrigerator room is lower than 0 degrees, frost or water droplets form.

As long as the ice maker stops working, the frost will melt automatically.

Next time you encounter the problem of frosting on the snowflake ice maker, you all know what to do!

Is the snowflake ice maker suddenly frosted