Light/Climate Incubator

Product Usage:

Widely used in microbial tissue cell culture, seed germination, seedling breeding test, Plant cultivation, insect and small animal feeding, etc., can accurately simulate different environments Climatic conditions.



  • 1LCD display panel, can control the running cycle, and start the appointment timing.
  • 2360-degree omnidirectional sterilization without dead angle.
  • 3Microcomputer program controls temperature, humidity and illuminance, which can simulate the changes of temperature, humidity, illuminance and other factors during the day and night.
  • 4Standard multi-layer full-spectrum LED cold light source plant growth light board, which can save energy by more than 80%, or choose a light source with sufficient and stable growth environment.
  • 5The period of 0-99 segments can be set according to the user's needs, 0-30 segments of the program can be set for each segment of the cycle, and the set time of each segment of the program is 0-9999 minutes.
  • 6Imported compressor, dynamic adjustment of compressor cooling capacity to ensure long-term continuous operation of the test equipment, environmentally friendly refrigerant (R134a), high efficiency, low energy consumption, and promote energy saving.
  • 7It adopts mirror surface stainless steel liner, and the four corners are semi-circular arc transition. The clapboard bracket can be freely installed and removed, which is convenient for cleaning in the box.
  • 8Equipped with an independent temperature limit alarm system, which will automatically interrupt when the temperature exceeds the limit to ensure the safe operation of the experiment without accidents.
  • 9Optional RS485 interface and computer connection, through the computer to monitor the experimental process or record the experimental data synchronously.
  • 10The automatic defrosting function of the compressor not only avoids the inconvenience caused by manual defrosting, but also solves the problem of unstable humidity during the operation of the cabinet.
  • 12It can produce low temperature and cryogenic temperature up to -15°C-25°C.
  • 13Air duct structure: Adopting the annular airflow design concept, forced convection simulates the principle of air circulation, to ensure that the internal temperature is highly uniform and stable.
  • 14Electronic humidity sensor: for accurate humidity measurement, the electronically controlled humidification and dehumidification system ensures reliable humidity detection.
  • 15Test hole (optional): A 45mm diameter test hole produced by a special mold on the side of the box is convenient for users to monitor.
  • 16The insulation material of the box is made of German Bayer fluorine-free polyurethane. The overall one-time foaming technology greatly improves the thermal insulation performance, thereby greatly reducing the energy consumption.
  • 16It has functions such as over-humidity protection, leakage protection, etc. It also has functions such as automatic start, automatic stop, automatic operation, clock display, call recovery and other functions.


model Light/Climate Incubator
RQH-150 (H) RQH-250 (H) RQH-350 (H) RQH-500 (H) RQH-1000 (H)
volume 150L 250L 350L 500L 100OL
Temperature control range 0~70℃
temperature resolution 0.1℃
temperature uniformity ±0.5°C   "H" type ±0.3°
temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Humidity control range 30~95%RH
Humidity Fluctuation   ±3%RH(Don't choose humidity incubator)
light intensity 0-12000LX 0-20000LX 0-20000LX 0-25000LX 0-30000LX
Ten levels adjustable Ten levels adjustable Ten levels adjustable Ten levels adjustable Ten levels adjustable
input power 750W 850W 1500W 2000W 4500W
power supply AC 220V 50Hz
Working temperature 5-35℃
Continuous working time Not less than 9999h
Studio size 470*500*800 550*500*840 600*600*1000 600*730*1200 500*1360*1560
Dimensions 680*740*1550 740*850*1670 780*850*1750 900*850*1910 800*1950*1870
 Load carrier (standard) 2 pieces 3pieces 6 pieces


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