Liquid Nitrogen Supply Tank Air Leakage Causes and Solutions

2022-06-13 09:26:58

Whether it is a Liquid Nitrogen Supply Tank or a storage-type liquid nitrogen tank, liquid nitrogen leakage is a serious quality problem. Either the product you bought is unqualified, or you do not pay attention to inspection and do not eliminate these potential dangers in time.

Today, I will teach you how to judge whether the liquid nitrogen tank is leaking?

1. If the rubber gasket in the valve is damaged or aged, the sealing area will not have a sealing effect, and of course the liquid nitrogen will leak.

2. If the valve is subjected to a strong collision, the valve port will be deformed, which will also cause nitrogen leakage.

3. If you suspect that liquid nitrogen is leaking from a certain part, you can put a little water. If it freezes within 1-2 seconds, it means that liquid nitrogen is indeed leaking here.

In addition, remember to handle the Liquid Nitrogen Supply Tank with care, and when using it, do not twist the valve too hard or too fast.

Especially for the joints of the metal hose and the inlet and outlet valves, it is enough to tighten it with a little force until it can be sealed, so as to avoid excessively twisting or twisting it diagonally.

In fact, the Liquid Nitrogen Supply Tank is equipped with double automatic control valves for safety reasons in the structural design. Most of the cases are safe. I am afraid that some friends have not checked it after using it for many years, and some accessories are not aging.

Find. Therefore, it is still necessary to develop the habit of regular inspections to keep potential dangers away.

Liquid Nitrogen Supply Tank Air Leakage Causes and Solutions