Liquid nitrogen Dewar aluminum alloy or stainless steel?

2023-05-15 10:00:41

The cryogenic container designed for liquid nitrogen storage is called “Liquid Nitrogen Dewar“,

With the expansion of the scope of use of liquid nitrogen, the liquid nitrogen Dewar has also expanded its use for sample storage. In the past two years, it has also been used for liquid nitrogen transfer, and its materials have gradually diversified. In addition to traditional aluminum alloys, there are also upgraded versions of aviation aluminum. And 304 stainless steel.

Which of these liquid nitrogen Dewar materials is better? Is it aluminum alloy or stainless steel?

But in fact, no matter from the perspective of suppliers or users, there is no distinction between these two materials. They are born together and can be used in combination instead of competitors. It is only suitable for users, whether it matches the needs.

Liquid nitrogen Dewar made of aluminum alloy is mainly used in farms and laboratories to store animal semen and freeze biological cells. Model Dewar.

There are pails, neck plugs, protective sleeves and other related accessories used with this aluminum alloy Dewar tank, which are convenient for users to use.

The liquid nitrogen Dewar made of stainless steel should actually be called “liquid nitrogen supply tank”, which is to supply liquid nitrogen for other containers. It is often used in scientific research laboratories or supporting biological bank warehouses and gas phase liquid nitrogen tanks.

The obvious difference between them is that the top of the stainless steel Dewar is a valve, which can be pressurized to control the output of liquid nitrogen, but cannot store samples; the top of the aluminum alloy Dewar is open for samples or liquid nitrogen to enter and take out, and a neck plug is required to prevent volatilization.

Therefore, liquid nitrogen Dewar aluminum alloy or stainless steel should be determined according to your own needs. They have different uses and there is no distinction between good and bad.

Liquid nitrogen Dewar aluminum alloy or stainless steel