Liquid nitrogen dewar trolley

Product Overview

KGSQ liquid nitrogen dewar trolley series is divided into two categories: push and transportation.

The hand push type has multiple uses. It can be a mobile cart or a cart + armrest + dumping design. It is suitable for 20-50L liquid nitrogen tanks.

The transport-type base is stable, and the “tailor-made” four-side supports firmly fit the tank body to prevent the tank from tipping during movement. It is more suitable for liquid nitrogen tanks above 65 liters.

Two types of trolleys are designed for transfer, which solves the problem of indoor transfer of liquid nitrogen containers that consumes energy and is inefficient, and ensures the safety of containers and staff.


Detailed features

  • 01Hand push series:
  • The YDC-500/600 hand push series has four modes of use: single base, single armrest, double armrest, and dumpable. It is made of all stainless steel and can be used to transport liquid nitrogen biocontainers indoors more easily.
  • It solves the difficulty of transporting large-volume liquid nitrogen tanks and the purpose of manually dumping liquid nitrogen in the tanks. It has the advantages of safe and reliable transfer and dumping of liquid nitrogen containers, and saving the operator's physical energy.
  • 02Transportation series:
  • YDC-700 transport series trolleys are mainly designed for short-distance movement of medium and large liquid nitrogen biological containers. When in use, the jars can be placed directly on the trolley and can be moved flexibly indoors. It is convenient, labor-saving, safe and reliable. Often used in conjunction with laboratory liquid nitrogen tanks.
Liquid nitrogen tank trolley


model Weight (kg) Applicable volume (L) Bearing weight (kg)
YDC-500 6 20~65 120
YDC-600 5 20~175 120
YDB-6 Customized products, please contact customer service for specific parameter information


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