Liquid nitrogen gastronomy in the laboratory

2022-01-22 14:48:18

The liquid nitrogen temperature is -196 degrees, which can achieve quick freezing and forming.


Equipment: liquid nitrogen tank, stainless steel basin, 10 liters of liquid nitrogen


Ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, fruit


First, pour the liquid nitrogen into a deeper container and close the lid. If there is no lid, you can use a book instead. Be careful not to splash liquid nitrogen on your body during the dumping process, otherwise it will cause severe frostbite. Take banana-flavored ice cream as an example. Add half a banana to a small stainless steel pot and mash it, then add 150g of liquid ice cream and stir well.


Then one person put on heat-insulated gloves and continued to stir, and the other person added liquid nitrogen to it at the same time in a point-off manner. A large amount of white mist was observed, bubbles were generated inside the container and liquid was splashed. After pouring the liquid nitrogen, it solidified rapidly from the edge to the middle, and the outer wall of the small pot had condensed frost. Stop pouring the liquid nitrogen, continue to stir, and finally form ice cream.