Liquid nitrogen pump


KGSQ liquid nitrogen pump is divided into two types: pedal and mechanical, stainless steel pump body, light and easy to operate, beautiful and durable, suitable for 50mm diameter liquid nitrogen tank, safe output of liquid nitrogen.

Step on the liquid nitrogen pump, with a hand-pinch pump, double thick cylinders, easy and labor-saving transfer of liquid nitrogen.

Mechanical liquid nitrogen pump, divided into normal and wireless remote control models, one-key switch machine, more worry-free operation.



  • 01Liquid nitrogen foot pump
  • The KGSQ foot-operated liquid nitrogen pump is a mechanical device that uses human power to transfer liquid nitrogen. Under the action of external force, a small amount of liquid nitrogen stored in the container is vaporized to generate pressure, so that the tank is pumped out through the pipeline to achieve the desired flow rate. The purpose of replenishing liquid nitrogen in other containers has the advantages of easy operation and low liquid nitrogen loss rate during the draining process.
  • 02Automatic liquid nitrogen pump
  • KGSQ automatic liquid nitrogen transfer pump is a high-precision intelligent transfer equipment integrating pressure measurement and display control. It has the characteristics of simple operation, good shock resistance, high control accuracy, fast pressure increase, rapid liquid discharge, small liquid nitrogen loss and long service life. It can realize the control functions of low-pressure start and high-pressure stop, and the control pressure can be set in the full range.
  • The principle is that liquid nitrogen vaporizes rapidly in the vaporization chamber to generate low pressure (≤0.08MPa), and the liquid nitrogen is automatically discharged from the container to avoid damage to the mouth of the liquid nitrogen container due to manual dumping and increased loss due to large amounts of liquid nitrogen volatilization. It is an ideal equipment for livestock, medical and scientific research users to transfer small amounts of liquid nitrogen.
Liquid nitrogen pump


Product number Adapted container diameter (mm) Discharge pressure (≤MPa) Discharge speed (L/min)
YDB-3 50 0.03 3-5
YDB-5 50 0.05 6-8
YDB-6 50 0.05 6-8


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