Liquid nitrogen replenishment height of cell storage liquid nitrogen tank

2023-05-12 09:37:41

In the laboratory, the use of liquid nitrogen tanks is mainly for cell storage, and it needs to be used with cryopreservation tubes and cryopreservation racks!

The cryopreservation rack is designed in layers, and samples can be stored at different levels. In such a cell storage liquid nitrogen tank, to ensure that all cells can be soaked in liquid nitrogen, what should be the height of the rehydration?

Regarding this question, the reply of the liquid nitrogen tank manufacturer is that it is determined according to the specifications of the cryopreservation rack and the storage height of the cells!

When you have a small number of cells and the 5×5 small-size freezer rack does not slow down, then determine which layer the cells are in the freezer rack and where this layer is in the container. When replenishing, it is higher than this position good.

When the number of cells is large, like a 175-liter cell storage liquid nitrogen tank with a 9×9 cryopreservation rack, the same method is used. Determine the highest point of the cell storage in the tank, and use this point as a reference height to replenish liquid nitrogen.

In addition, there is another situation where the number of cells is too small to use a liquid nitrogen storage tank of more than 30 liters. The choice is a 10 liter or 15 liter liquid nitrogen container with a small diameter of 50mm, which is used with a bucket and a cryopreservation clip. , The supplementary height of liquid nitrogen can also refer to the cryopreservation rack method, and use the high point of the cryopreservation tube in the pail as a reference!

From the beginning, you will find that it is actually very simple to determine the liquid nitrogen replenishment height of the cell storage liquid nitrogen tank. No matter the size of the container or the number of cells, it only depends on the storage height of the cells!

Liquid nitrogen replenishment height of cell storage liquid nitrogen tank