Liquid nitrogen sample storage with bucket or rack?

2024-04-19 10:44:30

There are many ways to temporarily cool the sample, such as -80℃ refrigerator or crushed ice;

But if you want long-term cryogenic storage, the liquid nitrogen sample storage tank is the best choice!

There are many models of liquid nitrogen tanks used for sample storage, ranging from 2 to 175 liters, and larger ones above 350 liters.

These containers are different in terms of capacity, caliber and accessories. Especially the accessories, the applicable samples are very different.

Therefore, whether liquid nitrogen samples should be stored in buckets or racks, it depends on what kind of samples they are and how many are there?

1.The sample is semen

The semen that can be placed in the liquid nitrogen sample storage tank is usually a processed straw;

The thin tubes are in the shape of thin strips and need to be soaked in liquid nitrogen. They need to be stored in buckets with leaky bottoms. Racks are useless for them.

2.The sample is embryonic cells, but the number is very small.

Embryonic cells are usually put into liquid nitrogen sample tanks in 2ml or 5ml cryopreservation tubes, and are also processed;

Although the volume of cryovials is much larger than thin tubes, they are also smaller than round buckets;

If the quantity is small, such as a dozen or dozens of pieces, you can put them in a round bucket with a freezer clip, instead of choosing a large-capacity, expensive container. However, if the quantity is larger than a hundred, it is not allowed.

3.The sample contains a large number of embryonic cells

When the number of embryo cell cryopreservation tubes exceeds a hundred, a rack is required!

The rack is only suitable for liquid nitrogen sample storage tanks with a wide neck and a capacity of 30-175 liters. It can fix the embryo cryopreservation box, and stack the processed embryo cell cryopreservation tubes in the cryopreservation box. Then put it into liquid nitrogen and also be submerged in liquid nitrogen.

Of course, these can all be adjusted flexibly, depending on user needs!

However, semen straws can only be adapted to round buckets and are incompatible with freezing racks. Square racks cannot store long semen straws. When choosing liquid nitrogen sample storage options, you must pay attention to this!

Liquid nitrogen sample storage with bucket or rack