Liquid nitrogen storage Dewar What is the period of static storage of liquid nitrogen?

2023-11-03 09:29:08

Users who have biological sample preservation needs, or who are interested in doing liquid nitrogen experiments or liquid nitrogen delicacies in the near future may use various tools, search engines or social media to learn about liquid nitrogen storage Dewar tanks. After understanding it, I found that some basic parameters, such as volume and caliber, are easy to understand. What most novices are confused about is the static storage period of liquid nitrogen storage Dewar!

So what does this static storage period in liquid nitrogen refer to?

Now, the KGSQ liquid nitrogen tank factory will give you some popular science!

Static storage is relatively easy to understand, which is to keep the liquid nitrogen storage Dewar in a completely still state without opening it.

What is the expiration date of liquid nitrogen?

In fact, it is the storage time of liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen Dewar tank!

As we all know, the characteristics of liquid nitrogen, in addition to its low temperature of -196°C, is that it has a low boiling point. As long as the temperature is slightly higher than -196.56°C, it will gradually evaporate. The higher the temperature, the faster it evaporates. The liquid nitrogen storage Dewar is designed based on the characteristics of liquid nitrogen and adopts a vacuum insulation structure, which can isolate the contact between liquid nitrogen and external temperature and greatly reduce natural volatilization.

In addition, you must know that natural volatilization of liquid nitrogen stored in non-pressure sealed containers is inevitable, not to mention the liquid nitrogen storage Dewar. Considering that liquid nitrogen expands after vaporization, the gas cannot be discharged after expansion, which will cause Explosion, so it must be placed in a non-completely sealed container with a vent hole at normal pressure and heat insulation.

In normal use of the liquid nitrogen storage tank Dewar, the vaporized liquid nitrogen will be discharged from the exhaust hole. As it continues to vaporize, it will continue to evaporate, and the amount of liquid nitrogen will gradually decrease. Therefore, the liquid nitrogen in the tank will be used up. , the tank has a time from when the liquid nitrogen is filled to when it is completely used up, which is the liquid nitrogen period.

In addition, static storage means that it is completely still after being filled with liquid nitrogen, and the storage time of liquid nitrogen is not opened or used!

Does this explanation make sense to you?

Liquid nitrogen storage Dewar What is the period of static storage of liquid nitrogen